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enterprise en‧ter‧prise [ˈentəpraɪz ǁ -ər-] noun
1. [countable] ORGANIZATIONS a company or business:

• Good financial accounts are vital to any enterprise.

• The company started as a family enterprise.

2. [countable] COMMERCE a business activity:

• The two companies plan to establish an enterprise to provide computer services to the telecommunications industry.

3. [uncountable] ECONOMICS business activity considered as a whole, especially in relation to other parts of the economy, society etc:

• economic programmes between government and enterprise

ˌfree ˈenterprise [uncountable] approving ECONOMICS
when people can own capital and organize their businesses in any way they like, without being prevented or controlled by the government:

• Encouragement has been given to individualism, free enterprise and the pursuit of profit.

ˌprivate ˈenterprise
1. [uncountable] ECONOMICS the economic system in which private businesses compete freely with each other:

• laws permitting private enterprise and the establishment of joint stock companies

2. [countable] ORGANIZATIONS a company owned by people or other companies, rather than by the government:

• They are transforming state-owned industries into private enterprises.

ˌpublic ˈenterprise
1. [countable] ORGANIZATIONS a business that is owned and run by the government:

• It's a vast public enterprise employing over 5,000 local government workers.

2. [uncountable] ECONOMICS businesses and companies that are owned and run by the government, considered as a whole:

• He believed in privatization and the dismantling of public enterprise.

4. [uncountable] COMMERCE the ability to think of new activities and ideas and to take risks in business, especially by starting and running new businesses:

• Managers seemed to lack enterprise and initiative.

• an enterprise culture (= an environment in which enterprise is encouraged )

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enterprise UK US /ˈentəpraɪz/ noun
[C] an organization, a company, or a business: »

a manufacturing/catering/farming enterprise


a large/small/medium-sized enterprise


a state/state-owned/multinational enterprise


a domestic/local/foreign enterprise


He was responsible for building the pizza company into a billion-dollar enterprise.


They run a family enterprise in their local town.

enterprise development/management »

The grants are intended to support local small enterprise development.

[C] a business plan or project, especially one that is difficult or that may fail or lose money: a business/commercial/economic enterprise »

What we always look for in a future business partner is a commitment to the business enterprise and its success.


a successful/joint enterprise

[U] business activity in general: boost/encourage/promote enterprise »

The government unveiled a wide range of measures to boost business and enterprise yesterday.


The enterprise and development committee supports innovation in business.

[U] the quality or activity of thinking of new ideas and activities in business and making them successful despite the risks involved: »

The prime minister applauded the innovation of private entrepreneurs and said he would like to see similar enterprise in the public sector, too.


The scheme rewards young people who show initiative and enterprise.

See also FREE ENTERPRISE(Cf. ↑free enterprise), PRIVATE ENTERPRISE(Cf. ↑private enterprise), PUBLIC ENTERPRISE(Cf. ↑public enterprise)

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